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CoachTy-auditoriumCoach Ty has established a reputation...

... as an expert in helping individuals and organizations clarify and achieve their goals by identifying and utilizing resources to help them implement strategies for success.

He’s spoken at conferences and events around the world including the annual conference for the Alaska Government Finance Officers Association, the International Federation of American Football Junior World Championship, The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, the Glazier National Football Clinics, and The Northeast Ohio Housing Officers
(NEOHO) Conference for Colleges & Universities Housing Organizations.

He counsels individuals and organizations, including professional and student athletes, coaches, business executives and employees, parents and young adults.

Coach Ty has appeared on Good Company, a morning talk Show on local NBC Affiliate, WKYC; the Sound of Ideas, an award winning talk show on WCPN, an NPR Affiliate and many other regional TV and Radio Programs. Coach Ty was featured in Extra Point, the magazine of the American Football Coaches Association.

Coach Ty certainly knows a thing or two about helping individuals and organizations establish a personal game plan for harnessing resources to create and sustain success.

coachesTyrone’s passion for helping people win in life stems from the agony he experienced when his single-parent mother suffered from a workplace injury that left her paralyzed and depressed.  Feeling aimless and alone in this experience, he quit the football team where he was a division I scholarship athlete at West Virginia University.  During his short separation from the team, he gained a moment of clarity through his faith in God.  Refusing to settle for less, he embraced his family’s struggle, helped his mother and sister, and then went on to become the first in his family to graduate from college.  He was recognized by WVU government leaders and community groups in his college town by having a day named in his honor for making the difference in the community through service and not giving up.

His experience in helping communities and later teaching adults and young people, makes him uniquely qualified to help people move from adversity to achievement.

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