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On-Campus Safety Off Campus

Most college campuses provide excellent on-campus safety measures; however, 93% of crimes against college students occur in off-campus settings. Research conducted on college campuses shows that male students are most vulnerable to violent crimes. Unfortunately, examples of crime involving college students are on the rise and include:

The 2009 fatal injury of University of Connecticut football player, Jasper Howard. Howard was at a party after a big win at a football game. While Howard proved that he was skilled at mastering the game of football, he lacked the skills related to evading the escalating negative behavior of people not affiliated with his university.
The 2011 outbreak of violence at Youngstown State University which resulted in one student fatality and numerous other students being wounded.
The 2008 beating death of a Kent State University student after an encounter with non-students turned violent.

This session will include information and skills relevant to male and female students. In addition, safety threats associated with student athletes will be addressed.

Say “NO!” to Hook-Up Drama: Skills to wisely navigate intimate relationships

Sex, hook-ups, friends with benefits, and one-night stands are all topics that can cause coaches and college administrators to pull out their hair. While coaches and student affairs officials can’t make “between the sheets” decisions for students, the school is often negatively impacted by decisions made by students. In some instances the institution is put at risk when student relationship choices of students go wrong. This informative session gives students warning signs of risky propositions that can lead to negative relationship outcomes.

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